Everyone who hunts for a product or service has a problem they are trying to fix. Whether they are looking for someone to design them a website, fix a leaky pipe, or recommend the best lunchbox for their child, they are hunting for someone to help them. The reason you pay someone to do something, is because you can’t do it yourself (or prefer not to!). Think about that fact in your business, and realise that you are the solution to your client’s problems.

Know the Problem

Your clients need you to swoop in and solve their issue. Do it right, and they will become your raving fan. Do it wrong, and you run the risk of damaging your business reputation.

To become their hero, you need to identify exactly what the problem is, and know how you are going to solve it with your products or services.

Your products and services should address a problem that is truly going to help your clients. To make their day easier, their task list shorter, show them a better return on their investments, make them feel fabulous, or increase their profits. Something that makes their life better.

But in order to solve it, you must first know what that key problem is.

Questions, Questions, Questions

The questions are actually the answers for your business. By asking your clients things like ‘What are your biggest challenges?’, ‘Tell me your top 3 goals for this year?’, and ‘What takes up the most time in your day?’ you can work out their client problems.

Take the answers to those questions and work out a way to solve the problem that is either convenient, cost effective, or timely for your client. Once you know your client niche, and how your products or services can help them, you will be on your way to carving out a great client offering.

5 Steps To Solving Your Client’s Problems

Follow these 5 easy steps to know the problem, solve the problem and reap the benefits…

1: Identify the problem: Make sure that you are solving the right problem. Target their top pain point and fix it. If the issue is low priority for your client then your service will not be as effective.

2: Analyse the best solution: Work out how you can best solve the issue

3: Make a plan: Work with your client to devise a plan of action. Make sure it is what they need, when they need it, and at an appropriate rate.

4: Deliver on your promises: It is very simple, do what you said you were going to do. If you cannot deliver on what you discussed, then communicate that to your client.

5: Seek feedback: Check that your solution has had the desired outcome for your client.

Marketing Your Solution

When you have the solution to a significant client problem, people will be willing to pay for that solution. But, an important part of attracting the clients who are willing to pay for your solution, is to market your services correctly. This will help to weed out the time-wasters from the ones willing to buy. By knowing your ideal client, and how this product solves their problems, you have 2 key steps of the process done already.

Choose the right marketing avenues to let people know what you can do for them, and how you are the solution to their problems!


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