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You may already be able to tell that we do things a little differently around here. We are a strategic boutique marketing agency that does things differently. We are sure you’ll feel the difference.


About The Marketing Baker

Your Marketing Partner

The Marketing Baker is a boutique strategic marketing agency. We help extremely talented business owners, like yourself, make your business absolutely irresistible to more of your ideal clients with strategic, intentional and highly effective marketing designed specifically for you. 

A Little Bit About

The Marketing Baker Team

Since 2016, The Marketing Baker has been serving small to medium sized businesses, helping them build businesses that they love, because they’re able to do what they love with more of the people that love what they do (wow, that’s a whole lot of love!). 

That’s what we’re put on this earth to do… to help business owners discover the incredible power of marketing to share their talents with the world. Don’t be your best kept secret, do your people a favour and let them know that you exist!

We are here to help you and your business leverage the power of effective, results-driven marketing, while together, we make an impact in the world. 

Candice Baker

Candice Baker

The Marketing Baker

Bachelor of Business and Information Management (Marketing, Information Management)
I’m Candice Baker, the Marketing Baker. I have a burning desire to help small businesses with their marketing. A recovering perfectionist and do-er of all the things, I’ve got a team of incredible people working with me to serve our amazing clients. I am inspired by what amazing people and talents there are in our community. Originally from South Africa, I have now lived more than half my life in Auckland. This means I have a good mix of being able to tell it straight, with a good dose of kiwi ingenuity. I studied a Bachelor of Business and Information Management, with a second major in Marketing at the University of Auckland and gained my professional experience in both global corporations and a great kiwi start-up success story. It’s such a privilege to work with incredible SME business owners, many of whom I am now lucky enough to call my friends. I’m all about building up those around us! My family is everything to me, including my beautiful fur babies, Frankie and Pepper. I am completely obsessed with sausage dogs, so anything sausage dog related, I’m all for it!
Ashlyn Gouws

Ashlyn Gouws

Marketing Specialist

Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management, Industrial Psychology)

Bachelor of Arts (Communications), 1st and 2nd year

Gin lover | Marie Kondo-enthusiast | Snow globe collector

I’m a “KitchenAid Mixer” of marketing – I have an assortment of skills and have worked in different industries and with businesses of all sizes including premium skincare, international health and beauty brands, software-as-a-service (SAAS), boutique stationery, to name but a few. I believe that having such a broad experience across various industries has made me highly versatile and innovative.

My passion lies in storytelling, design, and building brands. The online environment is my playground!

When I’m not at my desk I’m out walking my Spaniel & Spoodle (truthfully, they’re walking me), playing a friendly game of tennis, or chasing after my fearless toddler on his scooter.

You Can Rely On

Our Service Promises

When we work together, sometimes things go without saying, however we find it’s better when we say them! We’re committed to being your partner in marketing in your business, and here’s some of the key things you can expect when working with The Marketing Baker.

Straight Forward Pricing

There are no hidden costs, everything is upfront and clear, no surprises!

Respect Always

You will always be treated with respect, as are any other stakeholders we deal with.

Skilled Professionals

You will have an experienced professional working on your business, we have a passion for what we do so we are committed to keeping our skills current.

Honesty & Authenticity

We commit to a real, honest and open advice and relationships with all our clients.


The fire for what we do is seen in everything we do. We love the stuff you hate, and we get excited by learning and changes in marketing. 


We show the greatest respect to your privacy in all matters, from your contact details through to the most sensitive information.


We are part of your team, and you are part of ours and every team member matters in building businesses.

Relationship Matters

We genuinely care about you and our relationship with you is of the highest importance, we value our relationship with you and aim to support you and maintain this every step of the way.

Play Fair

We believe there is more than enough work for everyone, and we value fair competition from our industry peers, we know you have choices and respect your decisions around this. We will always represent The Marketing Baker brand fairly and accurately in a manner that reflects the high standard of our brand.



We are not an agency, we are your marketing partner. We value ongoing relationships, with trust, transparency and results!

We are data-driven with regular reporting. We can see what works and the proof is in the pudding!

We are all about full transparency. You have full access to your analytics, accounts, and assets – because you own them. You will never be locked out or left in the cold. You own them, not us!

You can expect a high level of service. This means regular communications, access to the team that’s contactable for support, and regular reporting so you know exactly what’s going on.

We speak plain English – no jargon. Marketing mumbo-jumbo is a big no-no! You will not be bamboozled in a world where you don’t know what’s going on. We speak to you in clear, plain English!

Our Trusted Marketing Partnership

Signature Process


We Are A B1G1 Organisation

Every time you do business with The Marketing Baker, something great happens in the world as we are able to give to those in need. This could be from signing up to our newsletter to paying an invoice, every time something great happens, you make an impact in the world.

The Marketing Baker is proud to be a B1G1 Organisation.

B1G1 is the Buy1GIVE1 Giving Initiative. B1G1 helps businesses like ours give back in meaningful ways, by connecting us to hundreds of carefully screened high-impact projects from around the world. With B1G1, businesses can say “every time you do business with us, something great happens.” To find out more visit www.b1g1.com.


A little bit of love….

Kind Words

Freelancer PA

Alina Reed

“Candice was so attentive, a great listener and asked lots of questions in order to get a full picture of where we were at with our marketing. The documents we received were comprehensive and provided a great framework to work with. I highly recommend Candice’s services. She knows her marketing stuff!”


Rich Bennetts

““Where to begin, I do not have a marketing bone in my body! It all seemed a bit like hard work, so I wasn’t sure where to start when it came to marketing. Candice has made a huge impact, on my business and on me personally – Candice is exceptionally knowledgeable and to be quite frank an amazing person. I like Candice’s style, I like the way she goes about marketing and the way that she shares her knowledge in an unobtrusive manner. She is very humble, very kind and exceptionally good at what she does. Candice is amazing and will do amazing things for your business. What’s stopping you?” “

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