What We Stand For.

Candice and The Marketing Baker make a stand to help purpose driven entrepreneurs by providing professional, valuable and effective marketing services so that they can build irresistible businesses that enriches their own lives and the clients they are here to serve; and together we build better businesses, better communities and a better world.

Our Values.

When doing business with The Marketing Baker, at our very core, you will find a client focus, honesty, integrity, passion and dedication to being the best we can be.

We Are Passionate About Your Success

Behind the Business

Just like you, I’m a business owner, however there is so much more to us than just the fact that we own businesses. Here’s a little bit more about The Marketing Baker.

Who is The Marketing Baker?

I’m Candice Baker, the Marketing Baker. I have a burning desire to help small businesses with their marketing. I am a Marketing Innovation Strategist and love to think about innovative ways of getting your business out there into the world. Right now, I’m sure you’re feeling like you are trying to juggle it all, to know every aspect of how to do everything for your business, and not sure how to get the results you need for your business to grow (or even survive!) and overall just frustrated and bombarded!

I get it, balancing everything is HARD and you quite simply can’t be the expert at everything.


I’m here to show you that there is help and a light at the end of the tunnel where your business can succeed, in ways that matter to you. Why I love helping small businesses deliver outstanding marketing and see their businesses grow as a result, is because I am inspired by what amazing people and talents there are in our community. My passion is helping other people succeed, and I believe that everyone deserves to succeed. Success means different things to different people, it could be to pay for your weekly groceries, or it could be world domination, plus anything in between! I want you to achieve your success. I want to share my skills as a qualified and experienced marketing professional, to help your business grow and succeed.

Let’s get personal


Originally from South Africa, I have now lived over half my life in Auckland, New Zealand. That means I have a good mix of being able to tell it straight, with a good dose of kiwi ingenuity. I studied a Bachelor of Business and Information Management, with a second major in Marketing at the University of Auckland and have gained my professional experience in both global corporations and a great kiwi start-up success story. I have been inspired along the way by so many wonderful, courageous and downright awesome people. It’s a privilege to now call many of those people my friends. I am all about building up all those around us, let’s do life together for the greater good!

Family is my everything. It’s for them, that I do what I do. I am obsessed with my two sausage dogs, Frankie and Izzy – so anything sausage dog related, I’m all for it!



Our Promises to You

  • Straight Forward Pricing – There are no hidden costs, everything is upfront and clear, no surprises!
  • Respect – You will always be treated with respect, as are any other stakeholders we deal with
  • Skilled Professional – You will have an experienced professional working on your business, we have a passion for what we do so we are committed to keeping our skills current
  • Honesty – We commit to a real, honest and open advice and relationships with all our clients
  • Passion – The fire for what we do is seen in everything we do
  • Privacy – We show the greatest respect to your privacy in all matters, from your contact details through to the most sensitive information
  • Teamwork – We are part of your team, and you are part of ours and every team member matters in building businesses
  • Relationship – We genuinely care about you and our relationship with you is of the highest importance, we value our relationship with you and aim to support you and maintain this every step of the way
  • Competition – We believe there is more than enough work for everyone, and we value fair competition from our industry peers, we know you have choices and respect your decisions around this. We will always represent The Marketing Baker brand fairly and accurately in a manner that reflects the high standard of our brand.


The Marketing Baker is proud to be a B1G1 Organisation

B1G1 is the Buy1GIVE1 Giving Initiative. B1G1 helps businesses like ours give back in meaningful ways, by connecting us to hundreds of carefully screened high-impact projects from around the world. With B1G1, businesses can say “every time you do business with us, something great happens.” To find out more visit www.b1g1.com.


I am proud to say that, every time you do business with The Marketing Baker, something great happens in the world as we are able to give to those in need.

Network With Us

Going at business alone is hard, building strong networks and getting the support you need is crucial. The Marketing Baker is actively involved in many networks, so come and network with us.

Collectively NZ

Candice is proud to be the Co-Owner and Managing Director of Collectively NZ

Collectively is your business growth community that harnesses the power of the collective to grow you and your business. We exist to help kiwi business owners thrive in the face of unstoppable change.

We’ve created Collectively for growth focused business owners because it’s hard to run a business and even harder to grow it. We’re passionate about creating a world where businesses are shaping a better future for humanity.

To find out more about Collectively, visit www.collevtively.nz

Join the free Collectively NZ business community group on Facebook.

Howick Women in Business

The Marketing Baker is proud to be part of the Howick Women in Business group

Howick Women in Business is a free, local networking group for women in business in the Howick area. We meet monthly and really get to know each other’s businesses. We have a private Facebook group which all our members are a part of too.

To find out more, contact me.

The She Owns It

The Marketing Baker is proud to be in the Members Club of She Owns It.

She Owns It is a place where women in business can get support from other women in business. It is a place where Kiwi women can start and grow profitable businesses.

To find out more about She Owns It, visit www.sheownsit.co.nz.

Auckland Chamber of Commerce

The Marketing Baker is proud to be a member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Auckland Business Chamber is New Zealand’s largest business organisation and part of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce network. Successful business ensures strong and successful communities, and the Chamber contributes to this through support and advocacy to deliver the best platform for business to operate from.

Auckland Chamber has worked with business within the region for more than 160 years – for both start up and established businesses, trading locally and on the world stage.

To find out more, visit their website here.