When was the last time you entered a public place that was device free? I am picking it was a very (emphasis on the VERY) long time ago. Devices dominate our lives, they are ever present. Let me ask you, could you live without your smartphone or tablet? I didn’t think so! That is why the area of mobile marketing has become so important. If you haven’t already, your business needs to get mobile compliant, and here is why…

7 Golden Rules Why Mobile Marketing Is So Important

1. Because Google Said So

And who are we to argue with Google? The all-knowing, all-consuming digital presence. Everyone’s big goal is for their business website to appear on page one of Google. Newsflash: if your site is not mobile compliant you won’t make it there. Google penalises sites that aren’t device compatible as it considers them old and outdated.

2. There Is A Whole New Market Out There

Because devices are becoming so powerful, some people don’t see the need to have a laptop or desktop computer any more. They do everything on their devices instead. So if your website is not mobile compatible, you are missing out on their custom if you are not present or if your site is too hard to use on a mobile device.

3. Everyone Is Always On Their Phones

How many hours a day would you say you are on your phone? Are you too embarrassed to admit the actual number? Well let me help you feel better about it… your clients probably spend the same amount of time on theirs. Phone and tablet use is on the rise, people spend hours a day on them. A perfect amount of time to capture them with your slick mobile compatible marketing!

4. Where There Is Mobile Marketing, There Is Mobile Commerce

People are buying things from their devices every day. And I don’t just mean little purchases. They buy concert tickets, clothing, food, travel, homewares, heck I even bought a couch on my phone when we moved last year. Think of all those missed sales and missed opportunities if people cannot easily buy from you with their devices!

5. Browse And Compare

Admit it, you have been standing in The Warehouse and had a sneaky Google to see if you could find the same item cheaper at Kmart haven’t you? You can take advantage of this comparative shopping tactic with a strong mobile marketing campaign that targets those customers. With a combined approach of targeting, remarketing and SEO, your business can be right there at the top of the search page when your ideal customer is hunting for comparisons.

6. There Are Greater Possibilities

People are getting wise to marketing these days. They can skip the ads on TV, they can listen to ad-free radio through music apps, they can use adblockers to prevent ads popping up on their internet browsing and who even reads the physical newspaper anymore? So, you need to move with the times to get your business in front of your ideal clients.

With mobile marketing, you have a wealth of opportunities available to you. Social Media sharing and paid advertising, better Google rankings, GPS location detection, push notifications and email address gathering to name a few. These are the marketing techniques of the future, so it is time to adopt them.

7. You Reach A Broader Audience

Mobile devices are becoming more popular across all demographics. So when you adopt mobile marketing, you are literally putting your business message into thousands of potential client’s hands.

The great thing is that manufacturers are constantly tweaking their designs to provide, better, faster, more powerful devices for a much better price. That puts mobile devices within everybody’s reach, and your business right along with it.

Still don’t believe me? How about you take a look at your own stats, pop on to your Google Analytics account and look at the users’ devices and operating systems, that will tell you the true story for your current website visitors.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving beast and mobile marketing plays a large part in that evolution. The mobile device trend is not about to end any time soon, so make sure you have a way to reach those digital customers.


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