You might have started your business to fulfill a dream, but now you have your clients to consider too. Let’s be real here, without your clients, you wouldn’t have a business. It might sound crazy to say that you didn’t go into business for you, as if you didn’t start the business for yourself, who did you start it for? What I really mean is that ‘you’ are not the main focus of your business, your clients are your focus now.

Business for You: It all started with a dream

I ask every single one of my clients ‘why did you start your own business?’ – and I never cease to be surprised when they give me a lifestyle reason as their answer. ‘I want to spend more time with my family’, ‘I want a better work/life balance’, ‘I want to be in control of my destiny’ are some of the most common answers I hear.

While these are great personal dreams to strive towards, it is definitely not the real reason behind what you do every day.

Do you want to know the reason why I am in business? To help real people build businesses that they are passionate about, and allow them to discover the infinite potential of the right marketing for their business. I do this through professional, valuable and effective marketing coaching and services.

Do you see the difference?

It’s about the people

Without keeping the people that I am helping front and centre, I don’t have a business. Without my clients at the very core of my offering – I will never be able to achieve my own personal lifestyle dreams.

Business is all about people. More specifically, it is how people feel or how you make them feel. Feelings drive decisions and actions. Feelings are the reason that people choose to work with you, buy from you, and recommend you to others.

When your clients feel that you care about them, their entire attitude towards you will change. The feeling of care is what makes all the difference in your client relationships. When you add the fact that you are also the solution to their problems, you have a winning formula for your business.

How to speak to your people

I don’t mean minding your manners and always saying your please and thank yous – though that does help! I mean how to speak to them in an effective marketing sense.

Have you ever been drawn into a piece of marketing material not because it was trying to sell you something, but because it told you that the solution to your problems is there? All the time I bet. But I bet you haven’t thought about using the same tactic with your business.

It is time to assess your marketing material to see what message you are sending to your clients and potential clients. Are you providing the solution instead of using sleazy sales tactics? If not, then it is time to speak to the real feelings and problems of your clients. Once you do that, you will draw them to your business like bees to honey.

You may have started your business with a dream to gain that elusive work/life balance, but you have kept your business running for a completely different reason. Business for you means having to really consider your clients and their feelings. Be their solution, that is what they need from you.


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