Your brand is so much more than the products or services that you sell. Instead it is your core purpose and what you stand for. In short, your values. Over the years some things might change – your products, your colour scheme, or your marketing approach. But your brand values will remain.

When engaging with a business, people are searching for more than pretty pictures or an impressive website. They are looking for something they can relate to, to connect to. Your messaging, your content, or even your look might grab their attention. But your values are what will give them a deeper level of understanding about your business and will help to create a powerful bond.

So what are those key values for your business and why are they so important? Let’s explore…

What Are Brand Values?

Brand values are the integral part of your business that guide your marketing, your messaging, your personality and the interaction with your clients. They set you apart from your competitors by making your business memorable – and we all know that memorable businesses get more visibility. These core values help shape the culture of your brand and allow you to meaningfully connect with your clients.

No matter what your actual values are, they should:

Be Memorable: If you can’t even remember your values then how can you expect your clients to? Then to keep them memorable, your values must be represented in everything that you do.

Be One Of A Kind: Your values should be unique to your brand and your brand alone. They should be a unique reflection of your identity, not a copy and paste from a competitor.

Have Meaning: An empty phrase that you picked from a random Google search will not do anything for your business. Instead, choose something that represents what you are willing to fight for, as it will resonate with your clients.

Be Clearly Defined: Be specific when you speak about your values. A lukewarm sentiment is not going to make your clients connect with you. Have passion, drive and details.

Stand The Test Of Time: Things about your business may change with time, but your values should not change with them. They are the core thing that your business stands for and should he in place until you stop serving your particular market in the way you currently do.

Why Are They So Important? Your values are the essence of your business. They are the reason you get up in the morning and spend another amazing day working on your business. So this is why they are important…

A Connection

If you come across a business that stands for the same things that you do, you feel an instant connection to them. You are almost drawn to working with them because surely they understand you if they have the same values, right?

Discover What Matters

When defining the core of your business, you discover what truly matters. It is not the fancy website, the high profile gigs, or people recognising you in the street. It is what you can do to help people or how your little business can help to make the world a better place.

Point Of Difference

Your values give your business a point of difference. A reason to stand out in a crowd of competitors who are probably offering very similar products or services to you. Solve the problems of your clients, but do it in a way that resonates with you.

It Shows You Stand For Something

Can you name one amazing high profile brand that stands for absolutely nothing? I didn’t think so. Your values prove to the world that you are operating for more than just the money or to fill your time. You stand for something and want to make a difference.


Not every day is going to be rosy when you run your own business. So after you have had one of those tough days, your values will remind you of why you do what you do. They help you start fresh tomorrow and maintain your motivation.

Keep You Consistent

Like I mentioned above, your logo might change, your offerings might change, or the font on your website might change. But your brand values are what uphold the consistency in your business. They are what your clients get used to seeing and are comforted by when they see them again and again.

Your brand values are a vital part of your business. Without them, your brand would be an empty shell. So, it is imperative to weave your values into everything that you do and let your customers know what you stand for.

Sometimes it can be hard figuring out how to weave your values through your businesses marketing strategy, so get in touch with us here at The Marketing Baker and see how our packages could help you!


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