If you are constantly working, working, working, but never feel like you are getting ahead, then it might be time to consider outsourcing. I know your business is like your baby and it is hard to let go of any tasks. But I promise you that you will end up saving so much time, stress and money in the long-run by relinquishing even a little bit of control.

What is Outsourcing?

Firstly, we should probably cover off what outsourcing actually is! It’s the process of passing certain business tasks onto an expert in their field. Such as hiring a bookkeeper to handle your day to day financial transactions, a Virtual Assistant to look after your administration, a Copywriter to write your blogs and newsletters, or a Social Media Manager to post to your social media pages. The provider will normally run their own business and will invoice you for the time to spend working on your tasks.

So when should you outsource?

You Don’t Have Enough Hours In The Day

The first sign that you might need to outsource is when you can’t get through everything that you need to in a week or a month. If your to do list seems to be getting longer rather than shorter, then it is time to do something about it!

Admin Is Preventing You From Serving Your Clients

When running a business, there are lots of jobs that need to be done. But, not all of those jobs are your core business. Some admin or finance tasks take a long time to complete. The time you end up spending on those tasks can take you away from you being able to serve your clients. If your client work is suffering because you are trying to keep up with your admin, then it is time to outsource!

Your Business Is Suffering From Jobs You Hate

You know those jobs you keep putting off because you don’t like doing them? We all have them. But sometimes procrastinating about doing them is actually detrimental to your business. Why not let someone who enjoys doing those kinds of tasks take them off your plate? Your business doesn’t suffer and the job actually gets done. Win, win!

You Don’t Know How To Do Some Tasks

Sure, you could probably learn how to do all the tasks associated with running a business, but how long would that take? Instead, you could let an expert handle it for you.

I get that you want to save money by doing a task DIY, but think about how much time you are wasting learning these things when you could be spending that time working with clients, marketing your products, or developing new ones. Let an expert handle it so that it gets done right and you can focus on what you do best instead.

The Tasks Are Inconsistent But Need Doing

Often you will find you go through incredibly busy periods, and ones that are a bit quieter. If you hire an extra team member, it can be hard to fill their days during those quiet times, but it is impossible to get everything done by yourself in the busy periods. Outsourcing non-essential tasks is a great solution as you only pay for the hours your VA, bookkeeper, or copywriter spends doing them. The work still gets done, but you don’t have to pay a wage when there is no work to do.

There Is No Space But You Need Help

As a small business owner you probably have the talent of being able to work anywhere. That means at the dining table, on the couch, at a cafe, or a co-working space. Even if you do have a home office, chances are you don’t have space for another workstation. When you outsource you don’t have to provide a workspace or equipment as the provider will have their own.


As a business owner you wear a lot of hats. Some hats will suit you, while others just don’t fit right. You wouldn’t keep an uncomfortable hat in your personal life, so why cling to it in business. Yes, outsourcing will mean parting with some of your hard earned dollars, but think of all the extra revenue you could earn with the time you gain.

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