So, what is all the fuss about targeting your customers? Shouldn’t you cast your net as wide as possible to attract as many clients as you can? Funnily enough, the opposite is true. By targeting everyone at once, you will actually attract no one. Your offer will be so broad that no one will take it up, because it resonates with no-one. By targeting a specific target market, you will end up with more customers. Seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? Well, read on…

What does targeting your customers mean?

This is the process of working out who you want to focus your marketing on, and how you are going to target them. Rather than taking a scatter-gun approach and simply firing your marketing out into oblivion, hoping that it “might” get someone. Rather, sit down, have a look at your offering and see who needs your products or services, and what their struggles are. Are they male or female? Are they in one geographic location? How old are they? Ask yourself as many questions as possible to get clear on who these people are. Once you know who your customer is, you can plan for how you can get in front of them and begin to build a relationship of know, like and trust that will lead to them buying from you.

Why should you target them?

Targeting your customers will increases your customer base. This is how it works…

  1. Targeting your customers allows you to learn everything about them
  2. When you know everything about them, you can create an offer designed specifically to meet their needs
  3. When they come to you, they will know that you are the right person for their needs because you will be offering them the right product/service, in the right place, with the right messages to speak to their struggles
  4. The more targeted you are, the more you will be able to stand out from your competition

Once you have your target customer, it makes your marketing so much easier. You can design your advertising with your target customer in mind, and they will feel like you are speaking directly to them when they read it.

The Benefits of Targeting Your Customers

If your marketing message is too general, you will instantly lose a good portion of your audience because they think the message doesn’t apply to them.

Knowing who you are targeting makes it easier to create effective marketing material that will appeal to the right people. You will be able to advertise in the places where you know your target market is. This will not only save you time, but it will save you money. I have had clients spend LESS on their marketing, simply by knowing exactly what their target market is. You will be able to be present in the right places, at the right time and reach the right people. There is no need for trial and error, wasted time, money and effort. Simply refinement and doing better each time, as you learn more.

This allows you to be more focused and effective with your marketing strategies. You will also see a greater return on your marketing investment with quality leads that convert to buyers. Your customers will also benefit, because they now know first-hand that your product/service is the solution they have been looking for.

How Do I Do It?

Set aside a chunk of time to go through your products and services. Really think about the struggles you are solving, and who would benefit the most from your offerings. You can then work towards tailoring your advertising, the copy on your website, and your social media content towards those specific customers.


If you are having some trouble with this process and feel like you need an outside opinion, then we can help. We can help you identify who your target market is, and put a plan in place for how you can reach them. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

The next blog will dive deeper into this process, by looking at what the difference is between your target market and your ideal client – or can these words simply be used interchangeably?

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