Would you get your doctor to fix your car for you? Pretty sure the answer to that question would be no.

Why? Well, quite simply, your doctor is not an expert in car repairs. He is, however, an expert in medical diagnostics. So, you should definitely go and see him next time you have a migraine.

Yet, he is not an expert in everything. He attracts a very specific audience of sick people.

Most businesses should take a leaf out of the doctor’s book when it comes to marketing their services.

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make in their marketing is targeting an audience that is far too broad. While it may seem as if you will have more chance of selling if you get in front of every possible potential customer, it’s actually an enormous waste of time, energy, and money.

Clever marketing is about narrowing down that target audience and focusing your attention on those most motivated to purchase your products or services.

Identifying your ideal customer is a great start. On top of that, you need to think about who really needs your products or services. By going after the unhappy, unsatisfied people you improve your chances of conversion, instead of spending time trying to convert those who just aren’t interested.

Let’s look at how marketing to the unhappy customer can grow your business quickly and effectively.


Target Those Who Both Want AND Need What You Have!

The motivation to buy is stronger when your potential customers not only need your product, but they genuinely want it too. For example, while someone who smokes heavily may need to quit smoking, they don’t necessarily want to. To market a suite of products to help people quit smoking, you need to find the customers who have a genuine desire to stop.

Want is much more powerful than need. Most of us don’t need that piece of chocolate cake, those new shoes, or the latest smartphone. But, that isn’t going to stop us going out to buy it just because we want it!

Convincing people to purchase from a need rather than a want is a slightly tricky prospect. Customers will usually only follow through when that need becomes too painful or annoying to ignore. A great example of this is needing a trip to the dentist or needing to buy a new vacuum cleaner! Both necessary in their own right, but neither are something we want to do.


Market To The Unhappy Customer

People who are satisfied with their current products or services are simply not motivated to look elsewhere. Why would they when all their needs are being met?

Even if you get your product in front of them, they are unlikely to follow through and convert. Yes, it’s possible to change their minds, but only with a lot of time and effort.

But who has a lot of time or effort to bring on new clients? Attracting new prospects to your business should be a simple process.

Your marketing budget is much more effective if you spend it on the dissatisfied, unhappy customer. These people have unmet needs and are actively looking for something better. It is easy to address their pain points and show them that you have a solution to their problem.


Understand The Psychology Of Your Potential Customers

To really be successful in marketing to the right people, you need to get inside the minds of those who will desire your product.

Figure out what drives them and come up with a smart, targeted marketing plan that influences their decisions in your favour. Marketing isn’t about manipulating your audience. It is about anticipating and addressing their needs and providing solutions that improve their lives in some way.

With all of the marketing channels and technology available to us today, it has never been easier to dive in and personalise your advertising to a niche audience. Targeting a specific niche will help you to maximise your ROI.

Remember, you can sell to anyone. But for truly effective results, focus your marketing on those who are genuinely motivated to buy.

Ready to target those unhappy customers? Then get in touch with me today so that we can nail your marketing strategy!


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