Do you think sleazy salespeople died out in the 80s when certain used-car-salesmen retired? You would be wrong! Alright, so they don’t wear loud shirts, or have creepy moustaches (that we know of), and they don’t strut the floor of a car sales yard any more. But sleazy salespeople have managed to move with the times, and now peddle their selling techniques online.

Trust me, you don’t want to be known for those kinds of selling techniques. So I have put together my tips to help you avoid being a sleazy salesperson…

What Is A Sleazy Salesperson?

You know the type, you will have seen them front and centre in the Facebook groups you are part of. They are always trying to sell you something, to ram their brand down your throat, and take every opportunity to talk about their business.

On the face of it, they are ticking a lot of the sales boxes. They are actively networking, they are getting their business name out there and they are building a reputation. The only problem is that they are building the wrong kind of reputation.

Everything they do concerns themselves and themselves alone. Because they only care about making the sale, they are actually driving people away from their business instead of drawing them in (except for the poor suckers who get caught up in it!). Don’t use their selling techniques to make the same mistakes!

Top 5 Selling Techniques To Avoid Being a Sleazy Salesperson

1. Build a Rapport

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, you will be interacting with people. Remember to treat them like a person first, and a sales prospect second. By taking the time to cultivate a relationship, you will build a connection of trust. Trust is an important factor in anyone’s purchasing decision.

2. Add Value

Prove to your prospective clients that you aren’t just after their money by giving them helpful information. By providing them with something of value for free, you will prove that you are worth spending money on. A “try before you buy” approach if you will. This is where a great value lead magnet will aid your sales process too. Look at things from their perspective – don’t sell them your product, but help them to see how your product can change their life for the better.

3. Be Personal

I don’t mean being personal in a creepy way, but in a caring client-centric way. Don’t treat all of your prospects as clones of each other. Take the time to know them a little better. If they are a business, then research their brand, and try and find out more about the people behind the brand. If they are an individual, then delve into their situation. Peddling out standard rehearsed sales script is going to put people off. Shelve it and go with a personalised version instead, people do business with people.

4. Show Humility

You might think that you are the best at what you do, or that you have the best product on the market. That might be the case, but you don’t need to ram that down people’s throats. When you are interacting with people, don’t be arrogant and assume they want to buy from you because of who you are. A sale is not a sale until money changes hands and a touch of humility will help your prospect to sign on the dotted line.

5. Have Empathy

Show that you are empathetic by taking the time to understand your client’s situation from their perspective. Care about their issues and offer tailored solutions specific to their concerns. Don’t just offer them a standard package and try to make their solution fit within it. Don’t assume you already know how to win their business, or you will be blind to what your prospect truly needs to solve their problem.

It can be easy to come off sleazy if you make your business all about you. But without those paying customers you would not even have a business. Your selling techniques reflect on your brand. So, take the time to behave as a human first and a salesperson second, where selling becomes a conversation and not a pitch. Believe me, your business will thank you for it!


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