When you rebrand, you are choosing to align your business with your vision, what the market needs, or what you want your business to be. Therefore, it is actually the perfect time to reassess your business plan, marketing strategies and overall plan. After all, your old business plan might not be the right fit anymore.

Why Should I Revisit My Business Plan and Marketing Strategy?

Rebranding is the perfect opportunity to review your business plan, marketing strategy and overall plan.

Your plans should be living documents that are continually evolving with your business and the goals that you set for it.

As you evolve into a new stage of your business journey with a rebrand, this needs to be reflected in your formal plans. If you haven’t managed to look at your business and marketing strategies in a while, then now is the perfect time. You can ensure your plans match the revitalised vision you have for your brand.

What Should I Do?

Visions, Mission, Values

The first thing to check is whether or not your business plan is aligned with where you want your business to go. Have you set new goals with your rebrand, have you reassessed your values or your overall mission? If so, you need to make sure your plans reflect this.


Where is this new direction taking you? Perhaps it is still taking you towards the same goals, but perhaps it isn’t any more. Having up to date goals always gives you something to be working towards. It can give your business a direction and keep you driving forward towards success.

Without goals you will find you get caught up in the doing of the business, the day to day tasks and must dos. It can mean you struggle with growing your business or getting it to where you want it to be.

Your business plan should always contain realistic and attainable goals. As well as one or two goals that are a little bit scary to achieve. But most of all, these goals need to be aligned with your vision and values.

Establish Your Marketing Strategy

It’s time to get into the nitty gritty of your business and nail down a marketing strategy.

The first thing to address is that you don’t want to spring this rebrand on your loyal clients. Don’t just change your name, logo and colours one day without warning anyone.

Give your clients the courtesy of a heads up and assure them that the rebrand will mean that you can serve them better.

Now is the time to really establish who your ideal client is. That way, you can really go after them with your rebranded marketing. To do that you need to know where they are and what you are going to be offering them.

Then once you know all of that, establish what your unique selling point is going to be. There is no point going through the effort of a rebrand if your business is not going to stand out in the marketplace.


A rebrand is an opportunity to get everything right with your new direction. There is a reason why you have rebranded – now you need to make your new brand come alive to the people that matter, your ideal client.

Stay tuned to hear about how I revisited my business plan with my rebrand. And don’t miss the next blog where we will discuss what’s involved in a rebrand.


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