To some degree, some may say print media is a dying medium these days. But is the business card one of those things that has had its day? Absolutely not! The humble business card may have more uses than you first thought. It can be a vital component of your marketing strategy. Here is how.

Don’t underestimate your business card

That little rectangle of cardboard is a powerful marketing opportunity. Generally you will hand your business card to someone when you meet them face to face. After that meeting is over, your business card is the lasting impression you leave with that person.

Are you missing an opportunity to impress them?

Does your business card represent you?

Do you cringe when you hand your card over to someone? Is it a true representation of your brand? If not, then it is definitely time for an overhaul.

Your business card is an opportunity to show your personality and your style. Let your creativity flow. There are so many options for printing these days – different card stocks, multiple printing styles, any colour you can think of, as well as special effects like foiling. You can even include your photo for a personal touch, and a reminder of who you are.

Imagine if your business card was so interesting, that it became a talking point amongst your clients. What a fantastic way to further your brand, make an impact and be memorable!

Get your clients to take action

You need to consider what function you want your business card to perform. It can be so much more than your name and contact details. Think of it as a pocket-sized advert for your business, that you hand deliver to your client in the most targeted marketing effort available. By meeting the client in person, you have primed them as a warm lead. Your business card can direct them to the next step of your relationship.

Did you know that you can place a call to action on your business card?

You can offer your clients a freebie download, have them sign up for a free consulting call, or get them to join your database. Within reason, you can include any call to action on your card that you want, why leave that off a vital piece of your marketing?

Don’t limit yourself

There is no rule to say that you must only have one business card. In fact, you can have a selection of cards designed specifically for each of your target clients. The simple act of giving out your business card is an opportunity to deliver targeted marketing.

Should business cards still exist?

Absolutely yes! Even if it is a scanned version of your card, it is still a physical touch point of your business.

Think of your business card like a key – a key that can unlock a world of possibilities. It can open doors, start conversations, get someone to take action, and it can shape your business. Dare I say it – your business card can change the world. Even if it is just your client’s world. Don’t leave the house without your keys, ever.

Just a business card? I don’t think so. A marketing powerhouse packed into a pocket-sized card.

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