Marketing is like many things, if you don’t have a plan then it will take you far longer to reach your goals. You would not decide to take a journey unless you had planned where you wanted to go, and how you were going to get there. Marketing is the same. Without a plan, the journey would be full of diversions, instead of moving towards your goal in a straight well planned line.


Why Should You Plan Your Marketing?

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

There is a reason this saying is so popular. It’s because it is true. If you do not have any kind of a plan in place, how can you expect to reach your goal?

Before getting bogged down with “busy” tasks, and creating new products or content, you need to make sure you have a plan in place for your marketing. Make it a priority to create a plan, and once the plan is created you need to stick to it. It is one thing to make a plan, but you need to consistently work at putting the plan into place, or it will be useless.

What if your busy period dries up?

Business can be fickle. You might be busy one week, and quiet the next. Planning your marketing carefully can prevent dry spells from occurring. Having consistent marketing will provide you with a steady supply of leads and work.

The key thing to remember is, don’t wait until the quiet period to start marketing. Some marketing strategies can take time to produce real results. The best time to start planning is now. Even if you are crazy busy. Set aside some time in your diary to tackle your marketing. You will be thankful that you were proactive when you have consistent work rolling in. Then don’t forget to continue your marketing again, results of your marketing can be showing up months later. Consistent, planned effort is key.

Save Time and Money

Without a clear plan, you are likely to waste time and money on ineffective marketing. Having a plan also means knowing who your ideal client is, and where to interact with them. There is no point advertising in the newspaper if the right people aren’t going to see your advertisement. You also do not want ineffective content. A clear plan will allow you to post relevant content across all of your platforms. It will also help you stay on track with consistency, without the year flying you by.


Is It Your Business or Your Hobby?

Just because you love what you do, doesn’t mean that you can’t be serious about it. Your small business might have been born out of a passion. It might even have started as a hobby. But it can be so much more than that. Look at marketing as an investment and take the correct steps to grow your business. How amazing to love what you do, and also make a living out of it, all because you shared it with other people! Sometimes the difference between a hobby and a highly successful business, is your marketing.


How Can You Plan Your Marketing?

A Marketing Plan puts your Marketing strategies in place with planned promotional activities and structure around attracting clients to your business. Your marketing strategy has already established who your ideal client is, what to promote, how to do it and why you are doing it. Read more about what a Marketing Strategy is here. Once you have these key areas covered, then you will have a clear understanding of how to market your business, and can start putting a marketing plan into place.

If you are struggling to define these different areas, or if you don’t have the time to implement your plan, then we have the solution for you at Infinity Marketing. Get in touch to discuss our coaching, consulting and marketing services.


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