With new businesses popping up every day and competing in the online space, it can be difficult to make your business stand out in the crowd. So you have to be clever about your marketing and think about the one thing that sets you apart more than anything else. It’s you of course. Only you can do the things you do the way that you do them. Only you can provide the unique customer interaction that you do.

The face behind your business is your secret weapon. Here is why…

Trust And Customer Interaction

Consumers are getting very savvy about the way they shop. They want information quick, they want it easy and they want it all online. This has been largely influenced by the millennial culture, but is catching on generation wide. If consumers aren’t impressed by what they see the they will navigate away and continue their frenzied search.

So how can you get them to stick around? By getting them to trust you.

Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. So you need to go all out on gaining it. A faceless business is not going to gain the same level of trust that one with a face is. Prove that you aren’t an anonymous army of robots (though having an army of robots would be pretty darn cool) by showing there is an actual person behind your brand.

Not only will you automatically build trust, but you will also show your clients that you have a personality that they can relate to. Building the foundations of customer interaction is essential for people getting to know your business from the get go.

When they know your business, they are more likely to reach for their credit card and trust you with their purchase. By continuing a personalised relationship of customer interaction, you can build that trust and turn them into a repeat buyer.

How Can I Do It?

When you are dealing with consumers, your online presence is often the first impression they will get of your brand. So you need to make sure that it represents you accurately.

Here are some quick and simple tips to help display the face behind your business and start that customer interaction relationship…

Personalise Your About Page: Your About Page should definitely tell your story, your business purpose and your values. But it should have personality as well. Include fun pictures of yourself and the team, have fun facts, use funky colours, the possibilities are endless.

Personalise Your Social Media: Your social media pages are a great way to give more insight into your business. Use an image of yourself for your profile pictures, and utilise the video option for your Facebook cover.

Use Video: Video is the number one way to show who you are and to make a connection with your clients and followers. Keep it short, snappy and to the point. Post it on your website and on your social media pages so that people can see it regardless of the medium.

Online Does Not Mean Faceless

Lot’s of networking is done online these days, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have personal interactions. Let your personality show when you post advice and tips, interact in your speaking voice when you message people, and always be true to your values with your content.

And if you do get the chance for real customer interaction, make the most of it. Personalise your communication, whether it is an email sequence, newsletter content, Zoom call, phone conversation, or an actual real life face to face meet up.

Just remember, it’s all about the face, bout the face, no robots!

So if you’re ready to get interacting with your client’s get in touch today! I am ready to help you with the best strategy to get you where you need to be. 


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