When you think of marketing for your business, what springs to mind? Is it the promotions in your store? Is it that Facebook Ad that you tried? Or, that networking event that you attended? Marketing is all of those things, but it is also far more than that. You are actually marketing your business with everything that you do.

Not Just Specials and Promotions

Having a sale, or advertising your business is definitely a form of marketing. But in actual fact, marketing is everything to do with your business. It is your…

  • Communication with clients
  • The quality of the products or services you offer
  • The branding of your business
  • How you handle day to day proceedings
  • How you represent your business

Put simply, you are your business. How you handle yourself, how you choose to behave and how you interact with others will all affect the success of your business.


Every time you communicate with a client, potential client, or supplier, it is a chance to either improve the reputation of your business, or damage it.

If you are friendly and helpful, then people are going to want to return for your excellent service. But if you are surly and uncooperative, then they may choose to take their business elsewhere. Think about that the next time you answer a call, or send an email.

What You Offer

You need to ensure that you are offering quality products and services. By doing so, people will respect your offerings and be likely to return. If they feel like they have not received value for money, or the offerings are below average, then you may be damaging your business image.


Ensure you are presenting the correct image for your business with your branding. Everything you use must be appropriate to your business. This includes your logo, fonts, colours, images and the words that you use.

Put it this way, if your business is selling clothing, then you would not have a logo of a man pushing a lawnmower. Think carefully about how you will represent your business effectively, to demonstrate what you are all about.

Handling the Day to Day

You will have tasks you know about that you need to complete each day. But there will also be the unexpected things that pop up. There will be customer queries, phone calls and even disputes. Don’t treat those extra things that pop up as an annoyance, your customers will be able to tell. To maintain the good reputation of your business, be consistent and remain professional at all times.

How You Represent Your Business

Marketing is the entire customer experience, from start to finish. The look, the feel, the sound, the touch, the experience as a whole. Take the time to identify the areas where your customer’s experience may be letting your marketing down, and rectify them.

You are your business. If you work with a team, then they are your business too. Make sure you and your team are giving the right representation.


How are you doing on the marketing front? Are you upholding the values that are true to your business in every aspect? Does this relate to your ideal client?

If you are concerned about your answers to the above questions, then maybe it’s time to get clear on your marketing strategy.  If you would like some help, contact me to see how I can help you nail your marketing strategy.

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