We all started out hoping 2020 was bringing great things. Growth, expansion, more… better. Well it certainly brought something different alright. Here we sit in a brand-new version of what reality is right now, and uncertainty about what the future looks like is very real for many. This leaves us with many questions about what to do about marketing, do we do it, how do we do it. One thing is for sure, what used to work will no longer work, so let’s explore how marketing has changed in 2020.


Why Your Messaging Has To Change

As humans, we all operate from the same beautiful little triangle of needs. My good friend Maslow designed a neat triangle called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If you have ever been through a strategy session with me, you will know exactly where your people sit in this triangle. In Before-Covid (what I like to refer to as BC) times, they may have been striving for the top tier of self-actualisation and growth, or they may have been in other areas. For many, this global situation has shunted them right down to the safety and security of protecting their livelihoods so they can put shelter over their family’s heads and food on the table.

If your messaging is still aimed at their growth and realising the full potential, your previously well-thought-out, well planned and laid out marketing messaging is now going to fly straight over the head of your people. They are still your ideal client, their focus has simply shifted. What worked before no longer works, we need to adjust. We need to refine and reframe.

Don’t Fear Marketing Your Business

I’ve heard from many business owners who are uncertain about marketing their business. They don’t want to appear “salesy”. Firstly – you should never appear salesy, nobody likes the sleazy car salesman, remember! Secondly – you can help people, they have a need for what you do, which is exactly why you are in business, right? So why is now the time to let them down and not let them know that you can help? It’s not.

If you’re not going to show up and help them, someone else well. Marketing is also all about consistency so turning off the tap means that turning it back on later is much, MUCH harder. Keep showing up, keep being of service. Sure, the sales cycle may extend, or it may not. There are always people ready to buy what you offer, keep thinking of them walking down the funnel. Marketing is an ongoing effort and requires you to continue to show up.

What You Absolutely Need To Do

This is the perfect time to refine your ideal client, yet again. This is NOT the time to fill up your business with any and all business, just because you need business – you will regret this for a long time to come when you resent serving these people who are not your ideal client. This is catastrophic for your long-term success. Instead, if you have found yourself with some free space in your life due to a reduction in business, use the time to refine your market and how you serve them. Consider doing those Facebook ads because they are now much cheaper to get yourself in front of more of the RIGHT people. Focus on growing your mailing list and nurturing relationships. Be of service, show up in online networking groups, focus on the relationship first, and business will naturally flow after.

In short, do not stop marketing. Adjust, reframe, refine, show up and stand out. Be of service to more of the right people and you, too, can protect your livelihood and continue building a business you love. You can not only survive but thrive through consistent marketing adjusted to suit your ideal clients with where they are at right now.

If you need personalised help with how to adjust your marketing, book a marketing clarity session and we can point you in the right direction to your sur-thrival.


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