Right, so you have got your lead magnet and your sales funnel, now what do you do?

Well, now you need to get your message to the people! You could be the best business in the world with the most innovative solution. But if no one knows what you do, it is all pointless.

When it boils down to it, the best businesses don’t win, the best marketed businesses wins.

We have all seen examples of this. The businesses with the biggest advertising spend are the ones that are out there attracting the customers, regardless of whether their service is better than yours or not. It is sad but true.

So if you are in it to win it, then you need to be playing seriously with your marketing funnel.

Marketing Funnel –  Your Lead Magnet

Just because you have a good lead capturing and conversion system, does not mean that the clients will simply show up on your doorstep. In an ideal world, that would be the case.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Just like when you are dating, you need to put yourself out there to let people know that you are available and what you do. This is where your marketing comes into play.

There are a bunch of ways that you can show your availability without needing Tinder! They are…

  • Paid Advertising: Facebook and Google allow you to put yourself in front of the right kind of people with their targeting abilities. You can even target the people that have already expressed an interest in your business.
  • Networking: In person or online networking can be a great way to get people to know about your business and what you do. Create a name for yourself by providing helpful and useful information. Then once people value your knowledge, you can drum up interest for your funnel for little or no cost in this way. Take advantage of a 30sec presentation spot at an online networking event, or days to market your offers in online networking groups. A great place to network online is Network NZ.
  • Content: Use your existing content channels to promote your lead magnet, your SEO optimised blog posts, your newsletter, ad your organic social media posts
  • Business Cards: Some people might try to convince you that the humble business card is outdated and unused. But it is actually an opportunity to stand out with something physical in a digital world. Especially if you choose a funky design and utilise both sides to showcase more than your contact details. You can even include the web address to download your lead magnet.
  • Email Signature: Think of the number of inboxes you pop into on a daily or weekly basis. Add a simple link to your lead magnet in your email signature for a spot of free advertising to a warm market who already know and trust you.

The Tools To Make It All Happen

To make your lead magnet and sales funnel work for your business you need to have a couple of tools to ensure that it operates smoothly.

1: A Sign Up Form

The whole idea of the lead magnet is to capture an email address so that you can then market to the prospects via email. Therefore, you need a place for them to give you the permission to email them – a sign up form. There are plenty of options for this, you can use a specialised provider like LeadPages or Unbounce, if you are with WordPress then there are a number of plugins, or most email marketing providers offer basic sign up forms.

2: Email Marketing Software

You don’t want to be sending your sales funnel emails manually. So, you will need an email provider where you can set up an automated sequence to go out automatically. Mailchimp or Mailerlite are great starting options as they offer simple automation as part of their free packages. However, once you have a larger subscriber number or more complex funnels, then you may want to choose something like Active Campaign or Clickfunnels.


There you go, you are all set to take the business world by storm with your lead magnet and follow up sales funnel! Just remember the quote that ‘Money flows in the direction of value’. If you continue to deliver plenty of value to your subscribers, then you will start to see the money flowing in.

Are you ready to market your magnet? If you are a bit stuck on what is the best method for getting your lead magnet in front of the right people, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can help you nail your marketing funnel and begin that flow of money.


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