Do you know that you have a unique talent? A talent that no one else in this world can copy no matter how hard they try. That talent is simply being you.

Even if someone replicated your exact business model and sold the exact same products or services, your business would still have a point of difference. That point of difference is you. People seek out your business because they have a need for your products or services, but their decision to buy is influenced by the interaction they have with you.

You can harness the unique power of your you-ness to increase your sales and attract the right kind of clients to your business.

This is how to add value to your business simply by being you…


How To Add Value To Your Business By Being You

The way that we buy products and services has changed drastically in the last 10 years. It used to be that if you needed to buy anything, you would have to walk into a shop, visit a market stall, or enter a service provider’s office. But the rise of online shopping and services have changed that somewhat.

Yes, you can still walk into a shop, go to a market, or visit a business, but you can also research, select and buy at 10pm at night from your couch in your pyjamas. With any form of change, adjustments are always required. But, this shift to eCommerce has meant exciting things for small business. Now even the tiniest of small businesses can play in the same league as their monstrous counterparts.

eCommerce has also evolved a lot in a short time. Because people have become savvy about how they shop online, there are several contributing factors that go into a purchase. Knowing that the business is reputable, liking what they have, and trusting that the product or service will serve their needs.

Gone are the days where you threw a picture of your product into an online store and the sales rolled in. Consumers need more than a pretty picture to part with their hard-earned dollars. As you know, this is where the art of storytelling [link storytelling blog] and being able to serve your client’s needs [link Maslow blog] comes into play.

But did you realise that you are part of the decision process too? Here is why…

Humans Not Robots

People are beginning to realise that if we continue down this path of online communication, we are going to forget how to talk to each other properly. We are going to have the stand in front of each other texting as we won’t know how to actually have a spoken conversation.

So, they are hunting for the human connection. People do not want to deal with robots, they want to know that the business they are using has a real human behind it. So let that show in your content and communication. Inject some personality to show that you are a living, breathing human communicating with your clients.

Make Sure You Are Everywhere

Because some of those transactions will be completed at 10pm from a couch, you need to make sure that you are everywhere. You won’t always be able to have a conversation, or direct communication while they are deciding whether or not to buy. Being everywhere doesn’t mean you need to clone yourself. It means that you need to have a sense of who you are in all of your marketing so that your clients can pick up on it.

That means showing your personality, values and business dreams on your website, in your automated emails, in your regular newsletter, and on your social media pages.

Be Generous With Your Knowledge

Guard your best kept trade secrets, but all other knowledge is fair game for sharing with your audience. Solve their problems, explain how they can do things better, debunk industry myths, share your favourite tools, and give hot tips. Your audience will soon learn that you are an authority in your field and that you know what you are talking about.

Give your knowledge away on all of your platforms, but save your biggest gems for your loyal customers that are on your email list, or who follow your blog. By putting your name on all of this valuable information you will stand out amongst your competitors.

Show Your Style

There are lots of things that make you unique and draw people to you. Use them to your advantage. Don’t try to be someone else, even if you love the way they write, or the way they present themselves. Curate your own style – pick your tone, have your own opinions, use humour (or don’t), stand by your values, and make sure your business represents who you are.

Right. I am going to dispense some wise info now. This is a very important point to remember. Not everyone will love your style. And you know what? That’s fine. The ones that respond to your style will be the kind of clients that you want to work with any way. The ones that walk away were not your ideal client and you are probably better off without them.


When you first start out, it can be scary putting so much of yourself out there in your business. But being you is one of the best ways of how to add value to your business. It will attract the right kind of prospects to you and ensure you love working with all of your clients.

I know it can be tricky working out how to integrate yourself into your marketing. If you are struggling with this, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here at The Marketing Baker. Marketing is my jam and I love helping businesses inject personality into their strategy. Get in touch today for chat.


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