Want to beat out your competition, have your pick of clients, and ensure repeat business? Then delivering value should be your main focus. By offering your new and existing clients great value, you can build your brand, and have a distinct point of difference from others in your industry.

That all sounds well and good, but how can you be sure that you are delivering the value that will set you apart? Try using these 5 tactics to add value and impress your clients…

5 Top Tips For Delivering Value

1. Consider Your Client’s Perspective

If you can see your business through the eyes of your clients, then you can know what they want and what they need from you. This is key for delivering value.

Consider what is important to your ideal client, what their pain points are, and how your business can solve those problems. How can you make their life easier?

Focus on promoting the benefits instead of the features. Your clients won’t know how you can help them unless you tell them. When you are creating your content, don’t sell to your clients, write as though you are helping them. They will feel as if they need your product in their life and react far more positively than a hard sell.

2. Always Improve Customer Satisfaction

If your clients are not satisfied, then they aren’t going to return to your business any time soon. You know how important repeat business is for your brand (if you don’t, then have a read of our recent blog post on Why You Should Value Repeat Business, so don’t turn your clients away unsatisfied.

By seeking feedback from your clients on a regular basis, you keep across their major pain points and if your business is able to solve them. You can do this with a survey tool like Survey Monkey, by asking your clients for testimonials, or you can even seek feedback on social media.

Once you have the feedback, don’t just sit on it. Action any improvements to your service, change the things that aren’t working, and do more of what is working.

3. Give Your Clients a Memorable Experience

If you provide an unforgettable experience for your clients then you are going to end up with word of mouth referrals, great online reviews, and plenty of return business.

Make sure that every step of your process is memorable – right from the first moment of contact, through to completion. Even though they are your client, you can still find ways to connect with them on a meaningful level. Make it more than a sales relationship.

A memorable experience cannot be packaged or sold, so it sets your business apart. Personalised service, attention to detail, exceeding client expectations, and resolving issues efficiently all contribute.

4. Embrace Free Stuff

Something does not need to be of high value to you, for it to be high value for your clients. Free resources are a fantastic way to deliver value to your clients and show them that your brand can offer them that little something extra.

Not only do free resources add value, but they also increase your client’s trust, raise your brand awareness, and expose your clients to your products and services.

If you are providing it to your clients a free resource still needs to be a valuable resource. So it should provide content as good as your paid services, should be relevant to your business, and appropriate for your target market.

5. Have A Plan

Know how you are going to deliver value to your clients. Make a plan, and then stick to it. Plan out how you intend to make their experience great, how you are going to solve their problems, what you are going to give them that will set your business apart, and how you can learn about your ideal clients.

Without a plan, your efforts could end up being patchy.

There are so many ways that you could be delivering value to your clients. These 5 tactics are just a few of the options out there. Think hard about what value you can deliver for your clients based on your brand and industry. Yes it takes extra effort, but it will pay off massively in the long run!


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