Sales! Many small business owners will run in fear from the word.

But did you know that half of the sales battle can be won by simply educating your audience on what you do and how you can help them?

You really can’t sell a secret. So instead of focusing on the selling, focus on building your brand awareness and positioning your business as the obvious choice.

How can you do that?


Build Brand Awareness

People cannot buy from you if they don’t understand what you do. There are so many channels that you can showcase your brand, get the word out about your business, and communicate with your ideal client.

We have already discussed that communication is key in your business. And that effective communication involves a ‘conversation’ with your audience. Allow the information to flow freely from both sides so that you can show your audience exactly what you do, and they can show you exactly what they need. From there you will be able to develop the conversations you need to have to attract the right kind of client to your business.

Every channel has the potential for a different conversation about who your business is, what you stand for and the problem you can solve. Use each of them appropriately and to your advantage…

Web Content: Your website should be a central hub of information for your business. It should be professional, informative and highlight the problems you can solve for your clients. Don’t forget to inject some personality into it as people are interested in the kind of person they will be working with.

Blogs: Blogs are a chance to display your knowledge and that you truly are an expert in your field. They are a great way to get brand awareness as you can optimise them for SEO, share them with your audience, write a guest piece for a complementary site or a blogging site like Medium.

Newsletters: This is a way to add immense value to your audience. Share your best content, let them be the first to know things about your business and just generally stay in touch those that have shown an interest in what you do.

Social Media: The key to this medium is in its title. Being Social. Use the various platforms to have conversations with your audience, provide them with interesting information and direct traffic back to your website. Just remember, you don’t own your social media pages, the platform does. Build your empire on your website, not on social media.

Lead Magnet: Your freebie offer is a fantastic opportunity to show how good you are at solving the particular problems of your ideal client. It should be so good that people would be prepared to pay for it if you weren’t giving it away for free!

Networking: Do not discount the power of having an actual conversation with another person. Networking can be done both in person and online. It allows you to make a connection with someone and become known as the go-to person in your field.


Embrace Sales In A Way You Are Comfortable

We all want our businesses to be a success and to make us money. But, most small business owners will tell you that the thing they hate most about their marketing is having to ask for the sale. Talking sales can make you question your ability, wonder if you are worth the rates you are charging, and provoke the awkward money conversation.

Thankfully sales don’t have to be sleazy. You don’t have to go for the hard sell, spruke your wares to your friends and family, or shove your products and services in everyone’s faces. There are many ways to ask for the sale. Just like a cake recipe that has been tweaked and perfected over time, you can develop the sales technique that you most comfortable with and run with it.


Offer Value And The Sales Will Follow

The key to making sales is offering your audience value. By providing them with great tips, information and explaining how they can make their lives easier, you will become invaluable to them.

Then, when they have need for your services, you will be the obvious choice. There will be no need for awkward conversations about money, they will be prepared to pay with you are worth.

In fact, going for the hard sell can sometimes be detrimental to your business as people feel pressured to buy. That can result in regret, which is not a positive way to start your relationship! It is far better to build trust with your audience by delivering value, and the sales will follow after that.


The first step to marketing your business is to become known, you can’t sell a secret! Brand awareness should be a key part of your strategy. Once you have become known as a business who offers great value and solves real problems, then people will be lining up to work with you.

If you need some help figuring out what your communications strategy should look like and how you can build your brand awareness, then I am happy to help. Get in touch with me here at The Marketing Baker today.


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