It wasn’t so long ago that salespeople were considered dodgy, annoying, and even a little bit sleazy. That was for good reason. Traditionally, selling has been about doing whatever it takes to close the deal, make the sale, take the money and run.

The internet is littered with tips, tricks, and psychological techniques to convince a potential client to hand over their cash. But trust me – if you need to trick your customers into making a purchase, there’s a much deeper problem with your business!

The good news is, things have changed. Closing the sale is no longer the primary objective. Wise businesses should invest their time, energy and funds into forging long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with clients.

So, let’s dive deeper into how to flip the narrative and adjust your mindset when it comes to sales.


Closing The Sale vs Starting A Relationship


Why The Sale Shouldn’t Be Your Objective

Nowadays, a business isn’t going to get far if they are all about closing the sale quick smart and moving onto the next customer.

The potential revenue from your clients goes well beyond that first sale.

True success isn’t about pocketing profits one time and searching for the next sucker. That’s an exhausting road which means you are always hunting for a new audience without building a long-term income stream.

It cost far more in time, energy and advertising dollars to bring on new clients all the time. However, if you focus on building a relationship, you will have clients that return to you again and again.


The Power Of Starting A Relationship

If you view the sales process the same way as you would build a long-term relationship, you are setting yourself up for ongoing revenue down the line.

Modern selling is about meeting the needs of your customers and solving their problems. With the correct marketing, you should already be targeting the right audience who will benefit from your products or services. There’s no need for the pressurised sales pitch because your audience can already see the value in what you are offering.

Convincing someone to buy something they don’t really need or want isn’t a win – not long term, anyway. They will walk away with buyer’s guilt or feeling ripped off, and likely with no interest in spending money with you again or recommending your business to anyone else!


How To Build A Relationship

From the initial contact, your “sales” conversation should be centred around discovering if you are, in fact, the right fit for your potential client’s needs.

When the fit is right – i.e., when your business offers what the client really desires – you start establishing connections that go beyond the sale.

The concepts of closing and opening have entirely different energy.  Closing indicates you are done. That there’s no more work or energy required from either party. However, openings are about beginnings. They are about receiving and moving forward.


In It For The Long Term

Not only are you likely to make more sales when you focus on opening a relationship with customers, but you are also enhancing your brand and boosting your marketing. Satisfied customers are loyal, and more than happy to refer your services to others. They also write positive reviews and come back time after time.

Changing our language and how we approach sales has the potential to drastically change our business. Next time you interact with a prospective customer, approach it as an opportunity to build a relationship, not just close a transaction. You might just be surprised at how rewarding it is – both for your business and your mindset.


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