There are so many things to think about when you are rebranding a company or business. How do you know that you haven’t missed something really important? Well, you follow my rebranding checklist, that’s how…

Rebranding a Company Or Business Checklist…

This is your practical checklist of all the items you will need to change when you are rebranding a company or business. You can download a PDF copy of the branding checklist here.

Your Name

It is vital that you change over to your new business name to avoid confusion for your clients. I know that coming up with a great new name can be a tricky task, so check out our tips on Finding The Perfect Business Name.

Your Logo and Brand Standards

You will need to make sure that your logo and branding is consistent across all of your marketing material.

Now it is not just a case of replacing your logo and being done with it. You will likely be including new colours and fonts in your image overhaul. It will probably mean a complete overhaul of the look of your branding. Make sure that this is handled effectively and doesn’t look like your old brand with new colours.

Social Media and Website

Your online pages are the easiest way for people to find you. They are at anyone’s fingertips with the touch of a few keys.

Your website and social media accounts are probably the most important place that you should update your branding. Change them all at the same time so that there is a consistent representation of your new look. Don’t change one and not the other as it will cause confusion with your clients.

Templates and Documents

Time to update your business cards, letterhead, quotes, proposals, brochures and other printed material. Like your online materials, you will need to change you colour schemes and fonts if they have been changed in the rebrand.

Don’t cheap out by using up your old business cards first, or handing out old flyers. Be kind to the environment by recycling them and get some new ones printed.

The Official Stuff

If you are changing the name of your company, then you will need to let the official powers know. Contact The Companies Office and the IRD to update your name on their records so that you are operating legally.

Directories, Networks, Signs

You will need to go through and update your details in any places your business is listed. That includes business directories, community listings, network indexes, signage, or anywhere that you have left your business cards.

Now You Need A Launch Plan…

It is time to decide how you will launch your new branding to the world – or to your community at least! You definitely don’t want it to be a surprise, so you need to decide how it is going to take place.

Communications Plan

You need to devise a way to get your message out to your clients – past, existing and future. Put together a communications plan that will set out who you will tell, when you will tell them and how you will do it.

It is a good idea to email your existing clients to reassure them that the changes will be a positive thing and allow you to service them better. Then you can decide how you will let everyone else know.

Big Bang Or No Fuss

So, how will you launch? Will you roll things out slowly over a determined period of time, or will you do it with a big bang.

A soft launch can be a really good way to test the waters on how your rebranding will be received. It will allow you to tweak things as you go if the initial message is not quite right. There is less pressure to have everything perfect if you choose a slow roll out.

If you are going to launch with a flourish, then you might even choose to have a launch event where you can explain your reasoning to your clients in person.

Whatever you choose, make sure you put an airtight plan in place. That means naming a time and date, then sticking to it as best you can. As there are so many moving parts, this can be a complex process to undertake. So do your best!


There are quite a lot of things to consider when you are going through the nitty gritty of rebranding a company or business, hopefully this checklist will help you make sure nothing is missed off the list!

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