So, tell me about your personality… are you fun, are you reliable, are you always on time? These are all great traits for people, but they can also be great personality traits for your business. Yes, that’s right. Your business can have a personality all of its own.

Have you thought about your brand persona? What would people say about it if they met your business at a party, or out for a walk in the park? It’s a bit strange to think of your brand as a living, breathing thing. But it can help you to define your business personality.

Let’s look at how you can convey brand persona and why it is important to do so.

Why Have A Brand Persona?

Establishing the look, feel and personality of your brand will allow your clients to recognise your business at every touch point. More than just recognition, your brand persona will tell your clients exactly who your business is, what it stands for, your values and your purpose. Having an effective brand persona can mean the difference between getting a website click through, a newsletter sign up, or even a sale.

Every piece of communication you have with your clients is a chance for them to know a little bit more about you and your business. You can build a real connection between your business and the people that use it. Intentionally thinking about what you want your persona to be will ensure that you convey the right message.

A good persona establishes a valuable connection between your business and your clients. You want clients and followers to feel like they know you and want to be a part of what you stand for. The right persona will attract your ideal client and a strong connection with that ideal client will encourage them to purchase from you.

How To Create An Effective Brand Persona

If you aren’t sure on the sort of personality your brand should have, then a really good place to start is to think about your ideal client. Think about the type of person who would be most interested in your products or services and then create messaging targeted at them.

But you have to make sure that the messaging is true to your beliefs also. Creating a fake personality is more damaging than not having one at all, because when you get found out, you lose all of the carefully crafted trust you have built with your clients.

You want your persona to connect with your clients, wow them and live up to the expectations you create. To build an effective and resonating personality, ask yourself these questions…

  • What message do I want my business to convey?
  • What do I want people to say about my business?
  • The words I want people to associate with my business
  • The tone of voice my business should have
  • What don’t I want people to say about my business?

How To Convey Your Personality

Once you have established your personality, it is important to extend it to every component of your business. Branding is not a one-off exercise, instead it is an ongoing process. A story that continues to be told in everything that you do. So make sure your personality is present on your website, your social media pages, your marketing materials, your directory listings and any other place you interact with clients.

One of my favourite quotes about branding is…

Your smile is your logo,
your personality is your business card,
how you leave others feeling after an experience
with you becomes your trademark

It pretty much spells out that your brand personality is everything to do with your business. The right persona will become strongly associated with your brand. So you need to make sure that it represents what you want people to think about when interacting with you.

If you’re needing help finding your established look and brand persona for your business head over to our marketing strategy page. Cooking up the perfect marketing strategy is what we do best!


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