Let’s imagine you have developed a fantastic product or service that outperforms all the competitors by a long shot.

This thing is amazing! It’s not just good, it is whizz-bang fantastic. Not to mention, the price is competitive, the quality is superior, and you know you are onto a winner.

In a logical world, your offering would shoot to number one and fly off the shelves (virtual or real).

Unfortunately, I have an unsettling truth bomb for you. No matter how great your product is, it won’t simply sell itself. Especially not in these lightning fast days of digital and social media, where the competition is biting at your heels and marketing is king.

Here’s why you need to not only invest in your products and services, but you also need to develop and deliver a top-notch marketing strategy too.

After all, the best marketing wins, not the best product…


Why The Best Marketing Wins, Not The Best Product or Service

It Makes You Visible

Let’s start with the most obvious need for marketing. If nobody knows your product exists how can they find it and buy it?

Being stingy on the marketing budget and assuming that the quality of your offering will somehow “call to people” is not going to work. Especially while your competitor with an inferior product has a slick marketing strategy that is connecting with their ideal clients.

Who do you think will be winning that battle?

Hint… it’s not going to be you.

Purchasing Isn’t Logical

Pro marketers know that in spite of our best efforts, humans aren’t entirely logical creatures. As a species, we are very emotional when it comes to our decision making.

As you build your business and learn more about brand design, recognition and loyalty, you discover that people tend to purchase feelings, not products or services.

The great thing is that you can work with those feelings.

Marketing isn’t just about listing all the features and specs of your product or service and expecting people to pick it over competing brands. It’s about identifying the story of your ideal customer. What do they want, what do they need, and what problems do they need to solve?

Once you understand those things, you can portray how your product is going to fulfil that emotional story.

Think about it, most product categories have minimal points of difference. There really are no unique products on the market. Your competitors probably sell something very similar to what you are offering. The only difference (besides price) is the branding and marketing. If you can tell the story behind the product and show your clients what their life will look like after they have used it, then you will set yourself apart.

The story and the happily-ever-after-moment you can give them is what will make people choose your offering over the rest most of the time.

Perception Is Everything

What is marketing if not shaping the perception of your business and products in the eyes of your customers and clients?

People are quite attached to their perceptions – otherwise known as opinions! Once they are formed, it can be tricky to change them. This is why it’s vital to prioritise your marketing as early on in the development process as possible, never as an afterthought.

We all know that first impressions count. So, if you miss the mark and inadequately market your product to begin with, you can easily to tarnished with the bad branding brush. Your potential customers may form a negative perception of your offerings that can be hard to shift.

However, if you nail your messaging from the beginning, they will be tripping over themselves to work with such an awesome brand.

Backing Up Your Offers

While I have mentioned that it is possible to have a rubbish product succeed with great marketing, that is not something you want your business to be known for. You want to ensure you deliver on the promises in your marketing to build trust and a great relationship with your clients.

Marketing is a critical element in your business success, but you need to back it up by delivery great service or a quality product.


Do you have that great product or service to tell the world about?

As we have just learned, it is difficult for an excellent product to succeed with poor marketing or no marketing at all. So, if you are ready to get that offering out there, I am ready to help you with the strategy.

Marketing can feel overwhelming with so many available options to explore. I can help you strategise which ones will work best for your business. So, drop me a line and let’s get you serving up something irresistible!


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