Unless it is your birthday, April is not usually a month that features that heavily in the calendar.

Yes, it’s the start of the financial year and sometimes Easter falls within its weeks. But apart from that, it isn’t that notable.

In fact, by the time April comes, the buzz, energy and motivation provided by the New Year has well and truly worn off. With the first quarter of the year behind us, it no doubt feels like business as usual.

Why would you want to be an April person?

While it is normal for your enthusiasm to fade a little as the year goes on, there is power in being an April person. And very few bother to harness that power.

So, how can you do it?

The key to success is consistency. Showing up day after day and hacking away at those goals no matter what drives you and your business forward.

Being an April person means taking consistent action when others have already faded. It means taking the bull by the horns and continuing to work towards your goals.

If you need some motivation to keep grinding away, then read on. I will share my best tips for being consistent all year round, so your business thrives.


Celebrate Current Progress

It is easy to go stale once the glow of the new year fades. But nothing reignites your passion like a bit of positive reinforcement.

April is a great time to take a step back and give yourself a pat on the back for the things you have achieved up until now. It is all too easy to tick a target or milestone off your list and move right onto focusing on the next one. Make sure you take time to truly acknowledge and celebrate your wins – both big and small. They will give you the boost and energy to keep working hard.


Break Goals Down

That surge of excitement and motivation you experience when starting on a new goal or project can turbo boost you through the first weeks or months. But it is not going to be enough to sustain you long term. When that energy fades away, goals that are too big may feel overwhelming.

But you can combat that by breaking your targets down into bite-sized pieces by month, week and day. Make the targets achievable so you can move towards them even on those days when you are just not feeling it.


Focus On Your “Why”

When everything is hard and you are feeling tired, stressed, and overworked, your “why” will keep you pushing through. If your goals aren’t tied to something that feels meaningful and also aligns with your passion and purpose, it is going to be a tough ride.

Your “why” need to be something you really resonate with. If you are having some trouble connecting with your true reasoning, then you might want to take some time to listen to Simon Sinek’s TED Talk. Let’s just say, he is an inspirational man!

Once you are clear, write down why you want to achieve your goal. Then, keep an image or phrase related to your why somewhere you will see it every day. Try sticking it to your bathroom mirror or on the wall by your desk. This will keep you inspired on the toughest of days.


Take Action Every Day

Running a marathon wouldn’t be possible without simply putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. The same principle applies to your goals.

Even if you are busy, schedule one action every day that will move you towards your goal. Only consistent daily action will get you there.


Hold Yourself Accountable

It is all too easy to let yourself off the hook when you don’t want to do something. Your mind (and mine) are experts at finding excuses. Before you know it, you have found a reason not to act for one week, then two… and suddenly, your goals feel further away than before.

Share your targets with family, friends, or colleagues. Find a mentor or mastermind group to hold you accountable. There’s power in peer pressure!


Be An April Person

Think of the story of the turtle and the hare. Your hare-like burst of energy at the start of the year got you a certain way towards reaching the finish line. But that frantic pace is unsustainable in the long term. Instead, be like the turtle. Take a step forward every day without fail, and you will be leaving your competitors in the dust.

A key part of being able to take the right steps towards your goal is to have a strategy in place. So, if your marketing could do with some direction this April (or at any time), get in touch with me here at The Marketing Baker. I can help you be an April person all year round with easy actionable steps to keep your marketing thriving!


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