You can see those sleazeballs a mile off. The ones that catch your eye and you instantly want to go and hide in the bathroom. Those smarmy guys twitching their peck muscles and giving you the glad eye. Those women that sashay past, waggling their butts because they are convinced of how ‘beautiful’ they are. Doesn’t their arrogance turn you off? The way they think so highly of themselves is very off-putting.

Are you making those same mistakes with your business? Are you coming off as the sleazy guy, or the conceited girl? Magnetic attraction marketing is like perfecting the art of dating, but for your business. Would people swipe right for your business, or would they swipe left – leaving you relegated to the pile of rejects?

Let’s talk about how you can woo your clients.

Attraction Marketing – It all starts with a look…

You can picture it now: suddenly a presence catches your eye, you want to stare – but that would be awkward – you want to find out more, you can’t tear your eyes away… that marketing is so compelling. It is drawing you in like a moth to a flame, you are powerless to resist!

This is the impression that you want to leave with your customers. You want to draw them in, get them excited about the relationship that is going to grow between you. It should be a long-term monogamous relationship, not a one night stand.

There is a lot that needs to be conveyed in that first impression, so don’t blow it!

The 11 Rules of Dating Your Customers

No, I don’t mean literally dating them. I mean wooing them with the amazingness that is your business. Here are the 11 rules to follow…

1: It’s Not All About You

Don’t be the boring self-involved date. Your business is about what you can do for your clients, not all about you.

2: Don’t Come On Too Strong

No one likes a pushy date or a hard sell, be more gentle and responsive. Listen more than you speak. My dad always told me, listen in the ratio of your ears to your mouth. You need to listen twice as much as you need to speak.

3: Always Look Your Best

The visual aspects of your brand send a strong impression to your clients. Make sure you are always dressed appropriately with a professional and consistent visual showing.

4: Don’t Cheap Out

Don’t try and dodge paying your portion of the bill. Being cheap or cutting corners will be obvious to your clients and is a terrible representation of your business. Offer to pay for the coffees, invest in yourself, your business and your clients!

5: Be Classy

Professionalism is key. Don’t run down your competitors or resort to txt spk (see how bad that looked!)

6: Keep It Real

No one likes a phony. Maintain your credibility by being transparent in your communications with your clients.

7: Let Your Personality Shine

Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd, or have the same cookie cutter approach as every other brand in our industry. Let your personality shine through and highlight your point of difference.

8: Give Them a Connection

Try and make your clients feel something with your marketing. They won’t be able to get you out of their minds, and a budding connection will blossom.

9: Play The Long Game

Love at first sight is rare, so play the long game and build a solid and lasting relationship.

10: Leave Them Wanting More

Don’t hand out all the popsicles on the first date, or they will never buy the whole ice cream truck. Be generous with tidbits of information, but leave them wanting to come back for more and more.

11: Prepare For Stalkers

They will check out your online profile, and sometimes many times before they take action, so make sure on every front your online presence is an excellent representation of your brand. This includes your personal social media profiles, not just your public business profile and website.


When it comes to your attraction marketing, be the sensitive, friendly, interesting and engaging one that everybody wants to date. Don’t brag about your stats or successes, don’t force your brand down people’s throats with direct selling and stories of how great you are. Relationships that work are the ones that are built on trust, communication, honesty, and standing by your word. Build those relationships with your clients and you will see your business go from strength to strength. Don’t forget, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression!


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