If you have been reading NZ Writing Service’s post on website audits an how to overcome the obstacles to promoting your business, you will have seen some very real challenges we all face on a daily basis, now changing that into how you take action for the year to come, are 4 secrets to a successful year;

Review last year – ‘We don’t want another year like that!’

For many, last year was a tough year. A lot of my clients, friends and family have all said with emphasis, ‘we don’t want another year like that!’

When you have had a bad year, it is important to learn from it. Look back at what happened, focus on what worked well and what didn’t work so well. The simple formula is to do more of what worked well, and do less of what didn’t. or The simple formula is to do more of what worked well, and do less of what didn’t work very well.

It is important to write down your successful campaigns and areas that you fell short in. You will then be able to refer back to these notes and avoid making the same mistakes this year.

Focus on Your Core Offering

Now is the time to choose a core offering for the year ahead. By having a core offering you can focus your marketing and target your ideal client.

Before rushing off to make a new product, look at the products or services that you already offer. Maybe you have an offering that is already popular. If so, this could be a great choice for your core offering. If people are already paying for it, then it is a proven product in the marketplace.

Make sure that you select something that is going to give you a good return for your time. Ensure that it is something you have good knowledge in so that you can promote it with confidence.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Value your time and your expertise.

Planning is a really important aspect of success. Know how much time it takes you to complete certain tasks in your business. When you know approximately how long each thing takes, you can plan your diary accordingly. By working in this way, you won’t take on more work than you can handle and won’t miss client deadlines.

If you find there are tasks that you are struggling with, or tasks that take up too much of your time, consider outsourcing them. Finances, business writing, social media or marketing can all be outsourced. Only you can run your business, so don’t waste your time on tasks that can be completed by an expert, or done faster with the guidance of an expert.

Don’t Be Everything to Everyone

Now is the time to focus on your expertise and grow your business based on your core offerings. Don’t be swayed by trying to help everyone with everything.

You will have far more success if you can define your ideal client and provide your services for them. You may think it’s better to cast a wide net to try and get as much interest as possible. With a wide net, you will get a wide selection of people. Not all of these people will be interested in your main services. Refine your niche and get quality clients.


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